You still need to act even if you don’t have any employees, please call us today to take the next step.

Staging dates

  • Your staging date is the date by which you are required to have a pension scheme in place for all your employees.
  • You may already have received a reminder to appoint someone in your company to be responsible for the implementation.
  • You may already have an existing pension scheme that you feel “will do the job”.
  • You may think “it doesn’t affect me”.

There are hundreds of thousands of smaller companies approaching their staging date and the ability of pension providers to provide solutions is becoming a real issue of capacity.

It is not usually about just having a pension scheme, but having the process and systems in place to collate the data required to present and report to the Pensions Regulator.

If you don’t satisfy the rules, have a pension scheme in place, have a system to record the relevant information, or miss your staging date, the fines can soon build up to £400 per day!

We would recommend you start talking to your pension adviser as soon as possible, preferably with more than nine months to your staging date (ideally twelve), to build a timescale and agenda to make sure it all falls in to place.

We would be happy to help and advise that you contact us to arrange how to go forward.

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