Tax Investigation

There has never been a time when it has been more important to protect yourself against the expense of an HMRC investigation

Regardless of how careful you are with your tax affairs, HM Revenue & Customs can randomly select you for a tax enquiry. You’ll be responsible for proving your innocence or agreeing to the Tax Inspector’s demands.

Unfortunately, your defence will cost considerable time and money. Even a basic tax enquiry can cost you several thousands of pounds and typically last up to 19 months!

Please remember that:

You can be randomly selected for an enquiry

Tax Inspectors now have police-like powers to visit business premises to review your records

HMRC has recently recruited 2,500 new compliance officers to assist with investigation work

New Business Records Checks where HMRC are selecting 20,000 SMEs each year to review the types of records they hold. These Checks have already begun.

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Blaeford Gordon Tax Investigations Service

Provides you with full representation in the event of a tax enquiry

Deals with the tax authority on your behalf

Handles all correspondence with the tax inspector

Handles all meetings with the tax inspector

Negotiates the best possible result for you for a small annual fee

24/7 access to legal Helpline gives you complete peace of mind